Continuum – Big Fight

Directed by Amanda Tapping

Complicated action sequence involving 12 characters all fighting over the time travel device.

Continuum – Short Fight

Directed by Mike Rohl

Very short yet to the point fight as Garza frees herself while in custody.

Stargate Atlantis – Shoot Out

Directed by Robert C. Cooper

Shot in the desert near Oliver B.C., the mayhem and explosion were shot practically.

Stargate Universe – Break In

Directed by Alex Chapple

Jump cuts move Dr. Rush's escape and break in along very quickly.

Stargate Universe – It’s A Trap!

Directed by Robert C. Cooper

Shot in New Mexico and featuring a practical explosion that nearly took out our actors.

Continuum – Big Chase

Directed by Pat Williams

A fight on the inside of the truck while being chased by everything. All shot in a single day on a shoestring budget.

Continuum – Prison Fight

Directed by Pat Williams

A brief yet viceral prison yard fight with Travis: the super-soldier from the future.

Stargate Universe – Attack

Directed by Andy Mikita

For this demo several inter-cuts have been removed so that the attack plays from start to finish.

Kung Fu Killer – Wudan Temple

Directed by Phil Spink

Shot and edited in the heart of China. This is one over the top fight sequence! Click on title for page with photos from our trip.