Dead Like Me – Hurry

Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

For this clip the start of the episode has been cut together with the final few scenes.

YPF – Intros

Directed by Martin Gero

Truncated version of the film's opening scenes that set up the various story lines.

L.A. Complex – Garage

Directed by Stefan Brogren

Nick answers some online ads in search of new material and discovers there are lots of weirdos on the web.

Dead Like Me – Shell Game

Directed by Jeff Woolnough

The editing follows a similar rhythm to the patter that Mandy Patinkin is describing.

SG Atlantis – Funny Physicists

Directed by Martin Gero

Guest stars Dave Foley and real scientists Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Neil DeGrasse Tyson

L.A. Complex – Opening

Directed by Martin Gero

The Opening 4 minutes of the series pilot features the song 'Zero' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.