Continuum – The Meeting

Directed by Pat Williams

Fun scene with plenty of coverage showing the first time Alec meets the charmingly devious Kellog.

L.A. Complex – Hard Times

Directed by Martin Gero

Thug rapper Kaldrick King and his intern Tariq find each other.

Stargate Universe – Breakdown

Directed by Robert C. Cooper

Stunning desert backdrop and a great performance by Mr. Carlyle as he loses his composure in front of the others.

L.A. Complex – Sabrina Leaves

Directed by Martin Gero

Unconventional parting scene between Nick and Sabrina which is beautifully acted.

L.A. Complex – Kal Comes Out

Directed by Martin Gero

The climax of Kal's coming out of the closet is told with flashbacks.

L.A. Complex – Runyon Canyon

Directed by Martin Gero

Raquel tries to get Connor to open up. Features a stunning helicopter shot that pulls back from our actors to the city below.

Stargate Universe – Sacrifice

Directed by Andy Mikita

Elyse Levesque and Robert Carlyle share some powerful emotions after she witnesses her character's father die to save the ship.

L.A. Complex – Muscle Relaxants

Directed by Martin Gero

Party at the Lux followed by some nice drama frvom Jewel Staite and Jon Patrick Moore.

DaVinci’s Inquest – Graveyard

Directed by Tom Braidwood & Chris Haddock

This season 2 finale was the first show edited by Mike.