Science Fiction

Stargate Universe – CG Alien

Directed by Andy Mikita

It was a challenging scene with the actors interacting with something that wasn’t there.

SG Universe – The 9th Chevron

Directed by Andy Mikita

A lot of sound, music, vfx, and a great many angles went into building the tension in this scene.

Stargate Universe – Destiny

Directed by Andy Mikita

Scene was shot over 3 days with 3 cameras, 100 extras, 20 stunt people, and contains 300 shots.

Continuum – Future Crime

Directed by Amanda Tapping

Kiera tries to find out who the killer is using future tech at a crime scene in 2077.

Stargate Universe – Discovery

Directed by Robert C. Cooper

Rather than rely on exposition, the visuals in this sequence help tell the story as it’s being relayed up on the ship.

SG Atlantis – Spacey Invaders

Directed by Andy Mikita

Fun science fiction action scene.